Lifestyle Balance

Its not always obvious to you what is out of balance, we can do a Wellness and Lifestyle assessment to discuss some of the following strategies.

Strategies for preventing and managing stressLifestyle Balance

  • Lifestyle tips for vitality, and health
  • Stress-management techniques for yourself
  • How to get the best from modern health-care and other health-care professionals
  • Approaches to health and vitality
  • Tools for thriving today’s fast paced lifestyle and the many curve balls that come our way

There are so many factors we need to consider whilst looking at strategies to attain a lifestyle balance, I will help you find your base point within which to start from.

I wanted to thank Gillian so much for her advise and remedy.  Having sat with me last week and talked through my health and mental state, she has tailored her support which I can honestly say is having a really good, positive impact.  If things continue this way I can honestly say I might feel human again.  Thank YOU!!


Gillian is fabulous, takes the time to work through and unpick everything that is going on, being gentle and considerate to how I am feeling. 


Thank you I don’t think I have never felt this good.