Here is a little bit about myself Gillian, the owner and founder of No2Stress.

Gillian RayneIt wasn’t until I got poorly back in 2007 that I recognised I had missed every single stress indicator within my body. I was fit healthy, loved to exercise, ate well, and quite simply thought I was immune to this thing called Stress!

However, statistics show that 50% of all illnesses start from stress, so I guess that is where my Story began.

My background has been in Community Health for well over 20 years with a focus on health psychology, bizarre really isn’t it that I just didn’t listen to my own body.  I now educate and teach people how to look out for these signs.

So I bring this service and a wealth of knowledge to my business, having worked as a Project Manager and also worked in the corporate world for many years in Business Finance and Marketing, I just decided numbers could not replace real people.

Fast forward to 2011, I decided after having several years being unable to work through illness caused by the stress, that the only way to get back to work was to start my own business, I still have physical limited limitations to this day, just learned to manage them better, benefitting from working my hours around my needs.

The only brief I gave myself was to ensure that I could get a message out and help people so they didn’t end up suffering from ignoring stress the way that I did.

  • I was actually one of the very first businesses in my area to offer Stress Management as a service and whilst my background already qualified me to offer the service I also took a qualification in it to ensure I offer the advice appropriately and access the correct insurance.

Of course this is just a quick summary and how it occurred, but I’m not going to bore you with all of that, what I can tell you is since I have started my business I have loved every single minute of it and the people I have met and helped, to the services I offer within my business or products I offer that I recommend having used for myself.

I have spent hours and hours and hours learning, qualifying and researching, well constantly researching really to keep up to date with all the latest health advice around stress and the new technology and science that advances to support our bodies.