Feng Shui Meets Decluttering

I have been interested in Feng Shui, and particularly Feng Shui meets decluttering, for as long as I can remember.  When I moved to a new house in 2016 I wanted to look at how Feng Shui was impacting my new home. So I set a goal a few years back to find a course.

It wasn’t until early 2020 that I had the opportunity to go on a course. Furthermore, this allowed me to delve further into the world of Feng Shui. More recently the humbling opportunity to join a webinar, hosted by so many Feng Shui Grand Masters, over the great world platform of zoom.

Wow, what an incredible learning experience.

Feng Shui Meets Decluttering – a living skill

As a result of this webinar (thank you internet) I have decided I am going to pursue the Feng Shui journey. I simply cannot wait to share the learning with you.

You will find that the learning can last years, so do bear with.

Feng Shui is a living skill. There is an art to it. It is

  • scientific
  • mathematical
  • logical

Even at times with a sprinkling of magic.

But “always keep in mind that the strongest factor of your Feng Shui is you” – Stefan Emunds

Balance of the elements

Feng Shui is all about a balance of the elements. If you leave nature to its own design it will naturally create a flow that works. There are so many examples of this all over the world, places where man has not yet developed.

Feng Shui Meets Decluttering, The Lake DistrictIn the UK for example, the Lake District is one such place. If you have ever had the pleasure to go there and experience it, how peaceful do you feel when you are in the lakes amongst nature, its hills, and the elements surrounded by natural valleys and tarns?

There is also a huge underpinning of numerology in Feng Shui when it comes to the core elements …. I was absolutely blown away when that was covered! And that is most definitely for another study session.

Essentially though when we look at Feng Shui in the home it is all about the flow of the chi… So taking decluttering into this context, it becomes all about the placement and flow of energy around items in your home.

Think circular instead of square. Chi doesn’t flow around a blunt or sharp corner. Instead it flows around an object. If you have too many items chi wont flow.

If your home is cluttered and always looking untidy to you, (one persons untidy is another person’s tidy) then that takes energy to deal with or indeed ignore.

So, in simple terms the art of decluttering is to have a home for everything preventing stagnant energy. Instead encouraging the flow energy or chi.

Many will have heard of Marie Kondo, there are however, several other approaches to decluttering that I have been studying. I will be sharing just how I approach my decluttering through a number of talks I am delivering… you can book me by enquiring here.