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Bach Consultations

Your next step to start enjoying the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies is to book a Consultation Call

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for You , by Phone or Zoom

Find the right remedy for you

All consultations are kept confidential and clients do not need to share inner most thoughts or personal information if they do not wish to, a resolution can be obtained from the described emotions and feelings.

Price = £46 and includes remedy and one top up.

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for the Family (4 members)

The Bach Flower Remedies are suitable, for all the family and a great way to support holistically.

This will be either a phone call or email consultations for your family (4 members) and pets too if required.

Order your consultation from the comfort of your home and receive a detailed treatment plan and 3 months remedy support.

Price = £125

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation by Email

Sometimes you don’t want to talk but find it easier to put into writing. 

Consultation by Email can help assess the right remedy for you, includes a remedy

Price = £28

Bach Me Up Discovery Call

Not sure if Bach can help you, a 15 min call will help explain just how Bach works