How Bach Flower Remedies can help you cope with life

 It has long been known that flowers, plants and all things natural are good for our health, wellbeing and spiritual personalities. But did you know that flower remedies can actually transform your attitude, soothe your stresses and provide some much-needed relief from anxieties and niggling conditions?

It was back in the 1920s and 30s that Dr Edward Bach, GP, bacteriologist and homeopath, put his name to his Bach Flower Remedies. Ever since that time, his remedies have been helping people to lead emotionally healthy lives.

Lifestyle Balance

“The Bach Flower Remedies are a complete system of 38 remedies, sourced from nature, which allow those who take them to combat negative emotions before they lead to stress and illness,”

​Dr Bach spent much of his life researching personality types and tracking down flower remedies to help restore balance in his patients’ lives. He strongly believed that a positive outlook on life can play a huge part in how a patient recovers from illness and maintains their health in everyday life.

“The beauty of the Bach Flower Remedies is that they’re completely natural and are therefore safe for everyone to use – even at every stage of pregnancy and, subsequently, their newborn babies and toddlers”.

Amongst the 38 remedies, Dr Bach recommended things such as Holly to ease jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion and greed; Rock Rose to transform terror and dread into courage; and Olive to prevent weariness and exhaustion. With over 293 million possible combinations, a bespoke set of remedies can be found for every unique patient thinking of trying them out.  We do not select for or claim to treat illnesses directly or work on the physical symptoms instead work to balance negative or painful emotions states that then assist us in our healing.

Bach Consultations

Your next step to start enjoying the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies is to book a Consultation Call

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for You by Phone or Zoom

Find the right remedy for you.

All consultations are kept confidential and clients do not need to share inner most thoughts or personal information if they do not wish to, a resolution can be obtained from the described emotions and feelings. Includes remedy + a top up.

Price = £65

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for the Family

The Bach Flower Remedies are suitable for all the family and a great way to support your family holistically.

If you feel members of your family would benefit from Bach, then we can offer from the comfort of your home a detailed treatment plan of support. This will be either a phone call or zoom.

Price = £125

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation by Email

Sometimes you don’t want to talk but find it easier to put into writing.

Consultation by email can help assess the right remedy for you, includes a remedy.

Price = £38

Bach Me Up Discovery Call

Not sure if Bach can help you, a 15 min call will help explain just how Bach works