Having a Baby… Have you considered using Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach in PregnancyBach flowers can support you on your journey through pregnancy, childbirth and baby.  It is a time of change and emotion and this is where Bach Flower Remedies can support you.

100% natural and can successfully be used by children, adults, pregnant women, teenagers, elderly and even pets and plants. They are completely safe and harmless and the percentage of alcohol is negligible so it is completely safe to be taken by children or pregnant women in dilution with water.

In addition to the remedies the Rescue Remedy combination whilst it isn’t a panacea, and it’s always better to treat the underlying causes of emotional states by using the individual remedies.
It should certainly be part of the kit you have packed in the car ready for the midnight dash to hospital for everyone involved.  

Please get in touch to find out how the remedies work.

Bach Consultations

Your next step to start enjoying the benefits of Bach Flower Remedies is to book a Consultation Call

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for You by Phone or Zoom

Find the right remedy for you.

All consultations are kept confidential and clients do not need to share inner most thoughts or personal information if they do not wish to, a resolution can be obtained from the described emotions and feelings. Includes remedy + a top up.

Price = £65

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation for the Family

The Bach Flower Remedies are suitable for all the family and a great way to support your family holistically.

If you feel members of your family would benefit from Bach, then we can offer from the comfort of your home a detailed treatment plan of support. This will be either a phone call or zoom.

Price = £125

Bach Consultation for You

Bach Consultation by Email

Sometimes you don’t want to talk but find it easier to put into writing.

Consultation by email can help assess the right remedy for you, includes a remedy.

Price = £38

Bach Me Up Discovery Call

Not sure if Bach can help you, a 15 min call will help explain just how Bach works