Bach for Animals


Bach for animals? I am often asked can you use it on animals and the answer, quite simply, is yes!

Bach for AnimalsBach Flower remedies are specially formulated to help animals and people in finding the positive side of themselves. Our remedies help to break barriers that stop them from living happy lives.

Whatever is in their way, may it be

  • fear
  • despondency or
  • uncertainty

there is a solution in the these amazing remedies


The Benefits of Bach for Animals


Benefits; You can use Bach Flower Remedies to help animals who may be recovering from an illness.  They may also be used for those who may be feeling out of sorts and are unhappy.

With these remedies, your pet will stay positive and will feel well quicker.

The beauty of the essences is their simplicity.


What conditions could it help?


No matter where we work with animals, the essences always help.

The remedies are invaluable for

  • worry
  • anxiety
  • changes in lifestyle
  • changes to location
  • fear
  • spooking
  • impatience or
  • lack of confidence

Furthermore, my work as a Bach practitioner allows me to support animals in the same way that the Bach can support you.  Whilst Bach is safe, simple and natural in order to work with your pets we may need a veterinary referral before we can give specific advice on an animal (I can easily guide you through this process though)

Each animal is unique and therefore each consultation will differ to ensure we support their needs, all of this will be discussed during our initial consultation.  To purchase an initial animal consultation, please use the button below to Book a Consultation

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