I grew up with dogs in the house and there is just truly such a special bond that we have with our pets, whether it is a dog, a Guinea pig, a rabbit, hamster or a horse that connection we have with them is so precious .

Bach and Your PetIt wasn’t until I got a dog of my own, she was a rehome and came from a family who had not anticipated the kind of support that she needed. She is perhaps one of the most anxious dogs I have ever come across but more importantly she has taught me so so much.  Learning to read her has been so empowering and something I encourage anyone to learn.

I made it a mission of mine once I began to understand the kind of support that Poppy needed that I would give her that support in a very holistic way, so over the years as I have been learning, I have been adding to my business a service that can be used on our pets .

Pets seemed to just understand our moods, have you ever felt a little bit emotional and your dog jumps up by your side and just cuddles in. They are all affected by our emotions as we are by theirs, taking the time to notice what is going on in your life and how your pet is reacting to you is just as important for your pets emotional health, they suffer your stress just as much as you do.

My work as a Bach practitioner allows me to support pets in the same way that the Bach can support you. 
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