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So just what is Stress? It is the result of a mismatch between the challenges you experience and your belief in your ability to cope

There are many definitions of stress and to understand what it is, can help us understand how to deal with it.

One definition is that it is the physical and mental ‘wear and tear’ we experience as we attempt to cope with the pressures in our lives. Another definition of stress is that it is a physical and mental response to too much or too little pressure.

Here at No2Stress our aim is to simplify your stress, how to understand it and ultimately support you to cope with it.

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Support for You

Do you find yourself looking for a better balance in your life, let us help you with that.

Bach for Animals

Animal Health

Our Pets are so precious to us, it can be stressful knowing if you are doing the right thing.  Fear not there are many things we can do to support our pets.


Balancing your emotions can be the first step to reducing your stress, find out how Bach helps

Stress & Finances

Like any source of overwhelming stress, financial problems can take a huge toll on you, let us help with that.

Gillian Rayne

Here is a little bit about myself Gillian, the owner and founder of No2Stress.

It wasn’t until I got poorly back in 2007 that I recognised I had missed every single stress indicator within my body. I was fit healthy, loved to exercise, ate well, and quite simply thought I was immune to this thing called Stress!

However, statistics show that 50% of all illnesses start from stress, so I guess that is where my Story began.

My background has been in Community Health for well over 20 years with a focus on health psychology, bizarre really isn’t it that I just didn’t listen to my own body. I now educate and teach people how to look out for these signs.

So I bring this service and a wealth of knowledge to my business, having worked as a Project Manager and also worked in the corporate world for many years in Business Finance and Marketing, I just decided numbers could not replace real people.

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